Welcome to our Gucumatz Community!

This page has been created to host our small – and important to all involved – ‘Gucumatz Community’. Geographically, San Pedro is one tiny village in Petén in northern Guatemala. Virtually, it is international because of the wonderful and generous visitors from different corners of the world, who have made their way to Gucumatz Lakeside Inn over the years and felt touched to ‘get involved’.

At Gucumatz, we do our best to support our local community in ways that promote education and personal responsibility.  Hotel guests and friends often enquire about the possibility of helping the poorest within our local education system who lack basic resources to be able to continue their education (such as notebooks, coloured pens, uniforms, travel to school, additional courses such as computer studies…).  As a result, many now sponsor a child or donate school materials to help them to create a better future for themselves and their community.  We encourage a very personal relationship between child and sponsor, where contact is maintained directly through letters, photos, postcards and here via our blog.

Our wish is that this space is used to stay connected and share stories of local events, progress of our sponsored children, encouragement, success, lessons learned, inspiration, requests for help and resources…and so on.

Thank you for your visit and contribution.

Web: www.gucumatz.com

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